Dedup x86/x86_64 --> noarch

Achim Gratz
Mon Apr 18 19:45:00 GMT 2016

Achim Gratz writes:
> Looking at the current repo content we'd save about 30GB from the dedup
> of the src abd doc packages alone and probably about 20GB from dedup in
> the remaining packages.

I've implemented some POC code and deduped my Cygwin mirror (it is
missing most of KDE and the cross-Cygwin compilation toolchains).  This
took a solid 12 hours of flat out 400% CPU load on my SandyBridge laptop
and ballooned the page file to 21GiB.  But it also removed almost
exactly a third from the repo's size (going from 81.2GiB to 51.4GiB), so
projected to the full repo it's slightly more than my original estimate.

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