Please fix your setup.hint files (was: [HEADSUP] requires to obsolete Perl packages)

Achim Gratz
Thu Dec 17 18:28:00 GMT 2015

There are a number of packages still requiring obsoleted Perl packages
that I want to delete now, so these setup.hint files need to be fixed.
Here is what I've found so far with a proposed replacement in

perl_vendor (only on 32bit since it never existed on 64bit):
Yaakov Selkowitz    docbook2X                  (perl-XML-SAX)
Yaakov Selkowitz    fvwm, xmltoman             (perl-XML-Parser)
Yaakov Selkowitz    libexo1_0, svn_load_dirs   (perl-URI)
David Rothenberger  svn_load_dirs              (perl-URI)
Yaakov Selkowitz    snownews                   (perl-XML-LibXML)
Yaakov Selkowitz    html2ps                    (perl-HTTP-Cookies perl-HTTP-Message)
Corinna Vinschen    pl                         (probably spurious)

Remark: SWI Prolog doesn't compile from the source package.  The current
stable version 7.2.3 does with minimal changes to the cygport file (the
source archive and directory is now "swipl" instead of "pl") and removal
of the Cygwin specific patches (which might have been upstreamed).  Some
files are named differently and don't package into their sub-packages,
but the main package seems to depend on perl-JSON for whatever reason,
but I think that's a spurious match on "use JSON" (.pl is Prolog, not
Perl in this case).

Jon Turney writes:
> Please ping the individual package maintainers to get the hints fixed.

I'm still of the opinion that this list is the proper venue and all of
them have been active in the last few weeks, but I've added them on Bcc:
with the email addresses that they use for getting the mails from the
sourceware uploads anyway.

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