[ITP] AtomicParsley

Yaakov Selkowitz yselkowitz@cygwin.com
Tue Jun 3 23:32:00 GMT 2014

On 2014-06-03 14:05, David Stacey wrote:
> AtomicParsley is a utility for reading and writing metadata tags on MP4
> files. It is found in many Linux distros, including Fedora [1].
> The package name has been capitalised to reflect the name of the
> executable and to mirror the Fedora package name. Debian and Ubuntu both
> use the lowercase 'atomicparsley' for the package name, but keep the
> executable as 'AtomicParsley'. Personally, I prefer the Fedora
> convention, but I'm happy to change this if there's precedent elsewhere.

Generally we base this on the tarball name, but I see there aren't 
anymore.  The old (<=0.9.0) tarballs were CamelCased, but the hg repo is 
lowercase (go figure).  Under the circumstances, I'd say it's up to you.

> I couldn't decide on which category to use in the 'setup.ini' file -
> 'Utils' seemed a bit broad, so I settled on 'Audio'. I'm not entirely
> convinced it fits in that category either, so I'll gladly change the
> category if anyone has a strong opinion.

This is fine.

> Finally, I've been asked in the past to provide man pages for
> executables in my packages. AtomicParsley doesn't come with a man page,
> so I've generated one using help2man(1). I'm tempted to drop the man
> page though - even the Debian build comes without a man page these days
> [2].

help2man only provides good output if --help itself follows certain 
conventions; AtomicParsley does not.  Since we don't really have a 
policy to *require* manpages where they don't already exist (this isn't 
Debian), and the resulting manpage doesn't look all that readable 
anyway, I suggest you just drop it.

As for the actual build, you should drop src_compile() and use the 
default cygautoreconf/cygconf/cygmake combination.  Cygwin-specific 
READMEs are optional, so you may drop that too if you wish.  Otherwise 
this looks GTG.


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