Package categorization inconsistencies

Corinna Vinschen
Fri Jan 24 09:32:00 GMT 2014

On Jan 21 19:03, Warren Young wrote:
> While doing my "how big is a full Cygwin installation" research[*],
> I came across some inconsistencies in package categorization:
> perl_debuginfo: Not in the Debug category.  It is also the only
> package named *_debuginfo instead of *-debuginfo
> cdrkit-doc, fftw33-doc, flac-docs, gsl-doc, gtk-doc,
> ImageMagick-doc, libcaca-doc, libcloog-isl-doc, libdatrie-doc,
> libgmp-doc, libgstreamer1.0-doc, libisl-doc, liblapack-doc,
> libmpc-doc, libmpfr-doc, libpoco-doc, libsigc2.0-doc, libthai-doc,
> libunistring-doc, libxcb-doc, libxml2-doc, libxslt-doc, libxslt2-doc,
> llvm-doc, octave-doc, postgresql-doc, ppl-doc, qt4-doc, ruby-doc,
> texlive-collection-*-doc, tiff-doc: Not in Doc category

I just checked the Fedora packages, and it turns out that they have the
same inconsistencies.  Sometimes the docs are part of the base package,
sometimes they are in the same group as their base package, sometimes
they are in the "Documentation" group, sometimes in
"Applications/Publishing".  Sometimes the package is called "-doc",
sometimes "-docs".

Nothing to worry about I guess.


> glproto, presentproto, xextproto, xproto: In Devel category, but not
> X11 category, yet they are part of X11.  And, vice versa: the other
> *proto packages that are in X11 probably should be in Devel, too.

That might in fact be helpful.


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