Package categorization inconsistencies

Warren Young
Wed Jan 22 02:03:00 GMT 2014

While doing my "how big is a full Cygwin installation" research[*], I 
came across some inconsistencies in package categorization:

perl_debuginfo: Not in the Debug category.  It is also the only package 
named *_debuginfo instead of *-debuginfo

cdrkit-doc, fftw33-doc, flac-docs, gsl-doc, gtk-doc,
ImageMagick-doc, libcaca-doc, libcloog-isl-doc, libdatrie-doc,
libgmp-doc, libgstreamer1.0-doc, libisl-doc, liblapack-doc,
libmpc-doc, libmpfr-doc, libpoco-doc, libsigc2.0-doc, libthai-doc,
libunistring-doc, libxcb-doc, libxml2-doc, libxslt-doc, libxslt2-doc,
llvm-doc, octave-doc, postgresql-doc, ppl-doc, qt4-doc, ruby-doc,
texlive-collection-*-doc, tiff-doc: Not in Doc category

The Doc category seems to have two different purposes: documentation, 
and tools to create documentation.  Currently, there are far more of the 
former in this category.  Should there be a new category for the tools? 
  (e.g. gnome-doc-utils, man, manlint, pinfo, xmlto...)

glproto, presentproto, xextproto, xproto: In Devel category, but not X11 
category, yet they are part of X11.  And, vice versa: the other *proto 
packages that are in X11 probably should be in Devel, too.


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