[RFC] Lots of perl modules...

ASSI Stromeko@nexgo.de
Fri Jun 15 09:37:00 GMT 2012

Since I've switched to perl-5.14 already, I needed to re-install many perl 
modules and finally bit the bullet and packaged everything with cygport.  
This includes all the packages that Reini Urban distributes in perl_vendor, 
since this bundling makes it harder to deal with the dependencies between 
distributions in the long run, IMHO.

I am bundling all perl modules in perl-bundle, an empty module with just the 
right dependencies in setup.hint.  I think this might be an appropriate way 
to deal the modules in perl_vendor also (let me know if you want such a 
bundle module for testing).

I've patched all modules to run through the tests without user input and to 
use the Cygwin installed libraries wherever possible.  I've also removed 
quite a bit of "Cygwin is like windows" and "Cygwin doesn't do this" cruft 
in configuration and tests.  Most of this should be working with perl-5.10 
as well, except perhaps threading.

At the moment I can just offer the cygport files, tar will extract them into 


A few modules (PDL and some of its dependencies) pull libraries from 
cygports (I think only libcfitsio3, but I would need to check again to be 
sure).  Unless there is a licensing problem, it would be nice if PDL and 
these libraries could be moved into the main Cygwin distribution.  For PDL I 
also tried to compile the PLplot and Starlink libraries, but they are both 
in a sad state of bitrot and haven't seen active maintenance for at least 3 
years AFAICS.  Fixing Starlink requires to re-create their custom autotools 
setup and PLplot uses old C++ constructs that gcc does not like anymore.  
Both issues would require a lot more time to fix than I can spend and PDL 
compiles just fine without these...

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