Anyone still using the expat 1.9.5 library? (cygexpat-0.dll)

marco atzeri
Tue Jun 12 12:48:00 GMT 2012

On 6/12/2012 2:36 PM, Warren Young wrote:
> When I took over maintainership of the Cygwin expat package, I asked
> that this older ABI version of the library be kept for programs that
> need it, but that was four years ago now.  It's still there.
> Assuming no one yells about it, I'd like to request that the Cygwin
> package repo maintainers check for packages that still have libexpat0 as
> a dependency, and if none are found, remove it.

still one.

@ nrss
sdesc: "A ncurses-based RSS reader"
ldesc: "A console based RSS reader allowing uses to read and manage RSS 
with a simple to use interface. Like most graphical RSS readers it
provides a three pane interface for ease of use in managing multiple
category: Net
requires: cygwin libexpat0 libncurses8 wget
version: 0.3.9-1

Not sure if it is this one now obsolete:
"NRSS has been deprecated. Use Canto in the future. You will *not* be 
automatically forwarded. "

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