uw-imap-imapd: suggestions for cyg_server issue

Shaddy Baddah helium@shaddybaddah.name
Fri Feb 12 01:29:00 GMT 2010

Hi Pierre,

On 11/02/2010 10:39 PM, Pierre A. Humblet wrote:
> The problem you will run into is that 544 can be changed (e.g. to 0).
> It's better to do it learn it dynamically.
> The following is from the cron package source code.

Thanks for that. Yes, I have a similar patch I made in my experimental
branch. I make one, IMO, slightly stronger assumption (than having a
fixed RID) that enables the check to be all POSIX.

I assume that the correct SID is always in the password field for both
passwd and group. I then search for these files for the SIDs of SYSTEM
user and Administrators group. The checks from there are the same.

The problem with this patch is, for consistency, I would have had to
do the same for checkpw() in imap-2007/src/osdep/unix/ckp_cyg.c,
which also assumes SYSTEM RID. This had two problems, a) increased
complexity, b) my method to eliminate cyg_server is to eliminate
Administrators. Firstly, I wouldn't be able to check for this using
pure POSIX, as I don't get the luxury of getgroups() until after the
user is logged in. Secondly, many users are in the Administrators
group. It would not do to eliminate them from logging in. I would need
some other heuristic to detect the cyg_server user (if I want to avoid
a known names list, like csih helper).


PS: Respectfully, you may want to do
http://cygwin.com/acronyms/#PCYMTNQREAIYR to avoid the below
situation. Thanks in advance.

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