Add option to cygstart to use CreateProcess as opposed to ShellExecuteEx

Chris Sutcliffe
Wed Sep 9 01:48:00 GMT 2009

Hey Chuck,

I'm not sure if this is the appropriate list for this question, but I
was wondering if you would entertain an option to use CreateProcess
within cygstart (as opposed the default ShellExecuteEx), or a separate
executable that uses CreateProcess?  If this is inappropriate for this
list, please let me know which list would be appropriate.

I've created a fairly basic utility (cygexec, source attached) that
uses CreateProcess to launch windows executables.  Doing some
preliminary tests, it executes windows executables in about half a
second (according to 'time') as opposed to 3.5 seconds with cygstart
(as a result of the ShellExecuteEx call).

Please let me know if your interested.

Thank you,


Chris Sutcliffe
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