New vim-7.2.148-1 release for Cygwin 1.7

Corinna Vinschen
Tue Mar 31 18:52:00 GMT 2009

On Mar 31 12:55, Yaakov S wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > I'm about to release vim-7.2.148 (patchlevel 148), built with gcc-4 and
> > for Cygwin 1.7 only.  Can I just release it or do you want me to wait
> > for a parallel gvim release?
> AFAICS you can go ahead; gvim only uses /usr/share/vim, so it shouldn't
> matter how /usr/bin/vim was built.  I'll bump once I have GTK+ and
> friends rebuilt and uploaded (which is well under way).

Cool, thanks.  I'll upload it in a minute.  It's the first vim release
in which the character set conversion actually *works* (together with
Cygwin 1.7.0-45 at least)  :)

> Thanks for the heads-up.

Sure, no worries.


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