Bug in upset? [Was: Re: R: Problem [1.7]: link /bin/lzma -> xz]

Charles Wilson cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm
Mon Mar 23 18:02:00 GMT 2009

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> I've just done this for lzma to prove that it works and it does.

Great! I'll make that change for each of the packages I've already
"forked" for cygwin-1.7

> But then, I don't think it makes a lot of sense to be doing much package
> reorganization in 1.5 since it is approaching the end of its life.  When
> we shuffle things around in the 1.5 release we increase the possibility
> of annoying support problems when 1.7 is released.

Well, that's really off-point, because...

> IMO, we should be moving towards stabilization of the 1.5 package base
> and the 1.7 Cygwin DLL code base.  I don't see either of those happening
> right now, though.

... the problem in *this* case was, even if I had left 1.5 completely
alone, and updated only lzma/xz for cygwin-1.7, then we'd have "package
reorganization" in the *cygwin-1.7* area, not cygwin-1.5 (AND, the
problems that started this thread were from mistakes in the
cygwin-1.7/lzma/setup.hint -- the cygwin-1.5 version was fine.)  Worse,
if we were to *also* enforce the rule about "no obsolete packages in
cygwin-1.7", then this sort of package reorganization is exactly the
thing that we would not be able to automate in cygwin-1.7; you could
ONLY automate it in cygwin-1.5!

I can see re-wording the rule to be: "no _obsolete packages in
cygwin-1.7 --- that WERE ALREADY obsolete at the time the release-2
repository was first set up". THAT's just common sense.

However, if I "shuffle things around" only in cygwin-1.7 -- because it's
privileged and gets the new xz package, but cygwin-1.5 is the red-headed
stepchild and doesn't -- then current users who are sticking with
cygwin-1.5 *for now* will see a LOT of immediate package changes (like
"where'd my lzma go? what's this xz thing?") over and above the expected
transition issues related to the DLL itself.  To me -- since I have to
support the lzma and xz packages during that transition -- it makes
sense to try to keep both -1.5 and -1.7 in sync -- at least until the
official -1.7 release.  That way, people can work thru whatever little
kinks may happen, related to my insignificant packages, over some course
of time, rather than all at once AND bound up together with each user's
growning pains with their personal -1.7 transition.   Therefore, if I
choose to "shuffle things around" in cygwin-1.7...then I'm gonna do the
same "shuffle" on cygwin-1.5.

But that's just me.

Anyway, regarding cygwin-1.5, hasn't it been the policy that after
cygwin-1.7 is released, then maintainance of cygwin-1.5 packages is at
the package maintainer's discretion?  Calling a partial "slush" on
cygwin-1.5 packages -- /when cygwin-1.7 hasn't even been officially
release/ -- runs counter to that.


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