Now uploading gcc4-4.3.2-2/ PING hdf5, libicu38, file maintainers.

Dave Korn
Thu Mar 12 04:20:00 GMT 2009

    Hi all,

  4.3.2-2 is ready to go, so I'm starting to upload it to now.

  It's still experimental, so it doesn't make gcc-4 the default just now.
Unless anything nasty crops up I imagine the next release will be the first
that can be considered fully production-ready and probably an appropriate time
to switch the default away from -3.

  One thing this does is obsolete the current unversioned cyggcc_s.dll.  At
the moment there are only a few packages, according to setup{,-2}.ini, that
require it:

>From 1.5 distro:


>From 1.7 distro:


  There's no need for the maintainers to rush to respin these packages, but
sooner rather than later is in general better.

  As other package maintainers start building their DLLs to link against the
newer shared libgcc, there is a danger that an application that links against
multiple DLLs may end up linking against both versions simultaneously; that
would be bad.

  (libhdf, for example, requires gcc4-runtime and zlib; if zlib DLL gets
rebuilt against the new libgcc, and libhdf DLL doesn't, applications using
libhdf may get both runtimes at once.)


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