Cygwin setup.exe - command line parameters

Lars Bjørndal
Tue Mar 3 14:13:00 GMT 2009


Two words about myself: I'm blind, and I'm new to this list. Mostly,
I'm using Linux. However, sometimes I need to do tasks on a Windows
system, and there Cygwin is handy, as you know...

Well, the problem is the seutp.exe. This program, and I know you've
heared this reported several times before, is really inaccessible to
blind people using a screen reader. The inaccessible dialog is that
where you choose categories and pacages. You cannot tab to the field
where you can browse the package list, and you cannot use arrow keys
to move through the list or select packages. Of course it's a good
thing if you can make this dialog accessible.

Anyway, today I found a hacked version of setup.exe which allowed a
command line parameter '-p <package list>', which was very useful. I found
the hacked verison here:

and the patch for it is here:

As this patch is based on an old version, it would be great if every
version of setup.exe includes the '-p <package list> feature. It
wouldn't only help us who are blind, but also it would be great for
people who want to do automated installs.

Best regards,

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