Fix your packages! (attention: a2ps, tetex-bin, nfs-server, gv, uw-imap, and xerces-c maintainers)

Christopher Faylor
Sat Sep 30 01:09:00 GMT 2006

On Fri, Sep 29, 2006 at 10:13:53AM -0700, Larry Breyer wrote:
>I was thinking of all the supplied scripts so I ran
>a test of the ~450 shell scripts and found only a handful with CR
>    /bin/card
>    /bin/fixps
>    /bin/flea
>    /bin/makempx
>    /bin/mktexlsr
>    /bin/nfs-server-config
>    /etc/postinstall/
>    /etc/postinstall/
>    /etc/preremove/
>    /etc/preremove/
>    /etc/preremove/
>    /etc/preremove/

This is quite embarrassing.

Package maintainers please release a new version of your packages which get
rid of the CRLF endings from shell scripts ASAP.

I assume that this is probably the tip of the iceberg here and that
there are a bunch of you who are, for unknown reasons, putting CRs in
your files.  It would pay to be proactive and have every maintainer
check for this.

You also should not be releasing source code with CRLF endings.
Remember that we're emulating linux here.


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