rsync changed ACL behaviour?

Sun Sep 17 17:37:00 GMT 2006

Using rsync to update my web site on a Windows 2003 Server using the
following command

rsync --archive --stats /cygdrive/c/data/publish/ -e ssh

Worked fine for a year.

Stopped working recently. rsync doesn't set the ACL correctly. rsync
sets the rights of the Users user to nothing at all,
which makes the web site not work at all. (I have switched my laptop
since it last worked and reinstalled cygwin.)

After running rsync, I have to go to the server, opening the security
dialog for the directory, pressing advanced, selecting

"Replace permission entries on all child objects with enties shown
here that apply child objects"

These are the default permissions, so why doesn't rsync use them.
Which permissions do rsync use?

-- Mattias

P.s. Is there a simple way in cygwin setup.exe to just revert to an
older version of a single package, in my case rsync  2.6.3?

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