Good bye, Cygwinners

Andrew Schulman
Mon Aug 28 13:47:00 GMT 2006

> >docbook-xml412
> >docbook-xml42
> >docbook-xml43
> >docbook-xml44
> >docbook-xsl
> >hexedit
> >ioperm
> >stunnel
> >xmlto
> >
> >If there is anyone willing to adopt these package, (s)he is welcome. If there
> >are any questions about some of my old packages or packaging, just ask me.
> >Please use my private e-mail because I will unsubscribe from Cygwin mailing
> >lists shortly.
> >
> >Maybe, the things could change in the near or far future, but now I must say:
> >
> >Good bye, Cygwinners. Cygwin was really a 'must have' software for me during
> >working with Windows. Thank you everybody for your work on Cygwin.
> Thank you for your efforts Marcel.  They are appreciated.
> Any volunteers to take over the above?

I think I can take over stunnel.  I'll look at it in the next few days, and
take it over if I can package a new release.

I may also take over hexedit, but that's lower priority.


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