ImageMagick problems

Harold L Hunt II
Sun Aug 20 07:02:00 GMT 2006

Christopher Faylor wrote:

> On Sat, Aug 19, 2006 at 12:23:50PM -0700, Harold L Hunt II wrote:
>> Actually, it was kinda random that I even looked at the list today. 
>> I've been doing other things for a long time now: 
> I knew you were doing other things but when we queried package maintainers
> a while ago, I thought you were still maintaining a few packages.

I guess it just takes a long time to realize that you haven't been doing 
something and that, even though you try to convince yourself that you 
might, you just aren't likely to start doing it again.  I think that 
package maintainer's query was at least six months ago; when I responded 
I thought there might be a chance that I'd get heavily involved again, 
but that doesn't seem to have materialized.  Thus, it seems that it is 
time to admit that I probably won't soon be as involved as I once was.

>> I guess it is safe to say that I will not be able to maintain complex 
>> Cygwin packages anymore.  Thus, I am letting go of the following (from 
>> the maintainer's list posted in 2003-11 
>> * *ImageMagick* (last build posted 2004/08/11, mine)
>> * *GraphicsMagick* (last build posted 2004/07/17, mine)
>> * fontconfig/libfontconfig* (last build posted 2004/03/11, most likely mine)
>> * freetype/libfreetype* (last build posted 2005/09/07, this might have 
>> been mine)
>> * libXft* (last build posted 2004/03/23, most likely mine)
>> * ddd (last build posted 2004/06/16, mine)
>> * lesstif (Brian Ford has this now, right?)
>> * fvwm (last build posted 2003/11/27, mine)
>> * openbox (last build posted 2003/11/27, mine))
>> * nedit (last build posted 2004/10/16, mine)
>> * transfig (last build posted 2003/11/27, mine)
>> * xfig, xfig-lib (last build posted 2004/02/12, mine)
>> * WindowMaker (last build posted 2005/06/28, I think that was mine)
>> * x2x (last build posted 2004/04/07, mine)
>> * Xaw3d (last build posted 2004/01/13, mine)
>> * xgraph (last build posted 2003/11/27, mine)
>> Packages I can keep:
>> * tnef
>> * xmon
>> * xterm
>> I believe that covers the entire list.  Hopefully new maintainers can be 
>> found for these packages as new releases are required.
> Weren't you/aren't you maintaining wget?

Yeah, sorry, forgot about that one (the source wasn't on the machine 
that I was using to get my list, so I missed it).  New list of packages 
I can keep:

* tnef
* wget
* xmon
* xterm


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