ImageMagick problems

Christopher Faylor
Sun Aug 20 05:39:00 GMT 2006

On Sat, Aug 19, 2006 at 12:23:50PM -0700, Harold L Hunt II wrote:
>Actually, it was kinda random that I even looked at the list today. 
>I've been doing other things for a long time now: 

I knew you were doing other things but when we queried package maintainers
a while ago, I thought you were still maintaining a few packages.

>I guess it is safe to say that I will not be able to maintain complex 
>Cygwin packages anymore.  Thus, I am letting go of the following (from 
>the maintainer's list posted in 2003-11 
>* *ImageMagick* (last build posted 2004/08/11, mine)
>* *GraphicsMagick* (last build posted 2004/07/17, mine)
>* fontconfig/libfontconfig* (last build posted 2004/03/11, most likely mine)
>* freetype/libfreetype* (last build posted 2005/09/07, this might have 
>been mine)
>* libXft* (last build posted 2004/03/23, most likely mine)
>* ddd (last build posted 2004/06/16, mine)
>* lesstif (Brian Ford has this now, right?)
>* fvwm (last build posted 2003/11/27, mine)
>* openbox (last build posted 2003/11/27, mine))
>* nedit (last build posted 2004/10/16, mine)
>* transfig (last build posted 2003/11/27, mine)
>* xfig, xfig-lib (last build posted 2004/02/12, mine)
>* WindowMaker (last build posted 2005/06/28, I think that was mine)
>* x2x (last build posted 2004/04/07, mine)
>* Xaw3d (last build posted 2004/01/13, mine)
>* xgraph (last build posted 2003/11/27, mine)
>Packages I can keep:
>* tnef
>* xmon
>* xterm
>I believe that covers the entire list.  Hopefully new maintainers can be 
>found for these packages as new releases are required.

Weren't you/aren't you maintaining wget?


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