Package naming dilemma

Dave Korn
Sat Aug 12 19:47:00 GMT 2006

      Heya all,

  I want to ITP remake (the make debugger) and I can't figure out how to name

  The upstream source is called remake-3.80+dbg-0.61.tar.gz.  If I plug this
into g-b-s unaltered, it decides the parts of the package name are:

DKAdmin@ubik /usr/build/package/remake> ./
PKG remake-3.80+dbg VER 0.61 REL 1 
BASEPKG remake-3.80+dbg-0.61 
SHORTPKG remake-3.80+dbg-0.61 
FULLPKG remake-3.80+dbg-0.61-1

  The problem with this approach is that if I wanted to patch it up to
make-3.81 at some point, it would look like a different package, instead of a
newer version of the same one.  It's an unusual situation; effectively
upstream are referring to it as a combination of two packages, each with a
full release number.  I could bodge all the release numbers together like

DKAdmin@ubik /usr/build/package/remake> ./
PKG remake+dbg VER REL 1 
BASEPKG remake+dbg- 
SHORTPKG remake+dbg- 
FULLPKG remake+dbg-

- is it OK to have a VER with four parts?  Anyone got a better idea?

  Incidentally, it's also part of my plan to maintain it with the old cygwin
make DOS path-handling patches, which I hope will satisfy a lot of the current
complaints on the main list.  :D

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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