bash-3.0-11, and [ITP] bashdb3-0.02-1

Eric Blake
Sun Jul 31 04:04:00 GMT 2005

It's pretty cool to be able to debug shell scripts!  This weekend with 
attempting to package bashdb was my first time playing with it, and I liked 
it.  The upstream maintainer used the version number 3.00-0.02, which 
doesn't play very nicely with setup.exe, so I named the package bashdb3 at 
version 0.02.  I notice it installs an emacs GUD debugger frontend, although 
I haven't played with that; bashdb also claims to work with ddd, and sure 
enough I got that to work!

By itself, bashdb should work with any of the bash-3.0-x releases I've made, 
but for 'bash --debugger' to work, you need bash-3.0-11, since earlier 
releases looked in /usr/local/lib/bashdb instead of /usr/share/bashdb for 
the platform-independent installation of bashdb, and don't handle signal 
debugging as well.  I'm satisfied that bash-3.0-11 is ready for primetime; 
which means that I also have to change the setup.hints for the readline 
packages.  So, there should be 8 uploads in all.

Delete bash-3.0-8 and bash-3.0-10 so that bash-2.05b-17 will be the previous 
(needed if someone wants to downgrade to a cygwin prior to 1.5.18).  Delete 
{readline,libreadline6}-5.0-1, now that version 2 is previous.

file	size	md5sum
	535051	c638c3206acbc5d3eb603948068ab352
	2502073	3cf035995d97f460ada03e9c67940132
	(prev: 2.05b-17, curr: 3.0-11)
	500	cbe2778313d847ab2bd8a929f272de20
	389348	fa7fc6ed20f62d255d1246bfeba3b0f9
	128767	c41ce67b190ebafaaa2d42da9c97e0a4
	(curr: 0.02-1)
	165	45fc58451634dc0f3fdb9eb952449544
	(prev: 5.0-2, curr: 5.0-4)
	407	e540f6c4de8ecc94902f684decea3fa7
	(prev: 5.0-2, curr: 5.0-4)
	399	a8390c61e04b23f56a2721bb63b47580

Someday, I might put a cute statement here.

Eric Blake   

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