Proposal singular-3.0.0-1

Oliver Wienand
Wed Jul 27 08:24:00 GMT 2005


 > The description looks OK... have you created packages via the
 > guidelines at ?

Yes, I have created some packages. They are at our ftp-server:

There is a small repository only containing the packages.

> How about the extensions?
> I would include the XEmacs interface with the base package, but strip 
> out the winhelp file to be available via seperate download.
> And put the X stuff in a seperate package. But not named like ESingular, 
> better like Singular-<xxx>

I have made the following packges:

singular-base   (Executeables)
singular-share  (Libraries)
singular-help   (HTML Help and info)
singular-surf   (Compiled surf programm)

And one further, which is only there for the repository

singular-helper (depends of singular-* and installs shortcuts)

This server is made up for testing but maybe we want to use it also to 
distribute Singular in a easy install routine. I hope this is okay with 
the cygwin project. A short description of the process can be found at

Btw: The feature to select severel mirrors is great for such an application.

> I don't think ntl/doc/*.txt needs to be there, since they are the same 
> as the headers.
> several hardcoded /usr/local/bin/ paths should be fixed (latex)

I am sorry. Till now I only have made binaries packages. I am reallybusy 
with this stuff. Is it okay, if I add the sources later? They compile 
out of box from the cvs today quite good, but I want to make some 


Oliver Wienand

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