Upload: coreutils-5.3.0-9

Jon A. Lambert jlsysinc@alltel.net
Sat Jul 23 00:39:00 GMT 2005

Eric Blake wrote:
> (prev: 5.2.1-5, curr: 5.3.0-9)
> 667 0d599276602fdfd0e72a31929ce260de

The setup hint currently points to 5.3.0-9 as current and 5.3.0-7 as prev 
version.   And the above filesize and md5sum come from something else, 
5.3.0-6(?) not 5.2.1-5.

Anyway you have to edit it setup.ini manually to get back to a previous 
working configuration of:

coreutils 5.2.1-5
cygwin 1.5.17-1
bash  2.05b-17

That is to say if you go to cygwin-1.5.18 there is no way back unless I 
missed something.

J Lambert 

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