Proposal singular-3.0.0-1

Reini Urban
Fri Jul 22 06:36:00 GMT 2005

Oliver Wienand schrieb:
> Dear developers of cygwin,
> our group "singular-team", which is responsible for the singular 
> computer algebra system, wants to maintain a cygwin package of this system.
> I would be the maintainer, as I am responsible for the windows port.
> The Singular homepage:

How about the extensions?
I would include the XEmacs interface with the base package, but strip 
out the winhelp file to be available via seperate download.
And put the X stuff in a seperate package. But not named like ESingular, 
better like Singular-<xxx>

I don't think ntl/doc/*.txt needs to be there, since they are the same 
as the headers.
several hardcoded /usr/local/bin/ paths should be fixed (latex)

Reini Urban

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