Please Upload: lapack-3.0-2

Christopher Faylor
Sat Jul 16 17:44:00 GMT 2005

On Sat, Jul 16, 2005 at 10:33:26AM -0700, James R. Phillips wrote:
>--- "a.rburgers"  wrote:
>>I am starting to think we have a g77 bug here or my understanding
>>ofparameter passing is incomplete (though I have quite a bit of
>>experience withcalling Fortran from C).  If I change the wrapper
>>function to have the dot argument as *first*argument instead of the
>>last argument as in the current sdsdotsub it works.  See theattached
>>bug.tar.gz for a self contained example.  So as a work-around you could
>>replace thesdsdotsub wrapper with this one (cblas_f77.h should then
>>also be updated)
>You are on the right track here.  But in fact the problem is in the
>code, not the compiler.  The reference cblas author copied the
>dsdotsub.f file to sdsdotsub.f as a starting point for editing, but
>didn't complete the edits properly.  He left the calling argument
>signature unchanged, whereas it requires an extra scalar parameter.
>It's surprising to find an actual coding error in code from netlib, but
>there it is.
>I am requesting a new upload shortly.  Have a great weekend.

Can we move away from using cygwin-apps as an all-lapack-all-the-time
mailing list and maybe start using the cygwin mailing list for bug
reports, please?


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