Please Upload: lapack-3.0-2

James R. Phillips
Sat Jul 16 17:33:00 GMT 2005

Hi Teun,

--- "a.rburgers"  wrote:

>I am starting to think we have a g77 bug here or my understanding ofparameter
>passing is incomplete (though I have quite a bit of experience withcalling
>Fortran from C).
>If  I change the wrapper function to have the dot argument as *first*argument
>of the last argument as in the current sdsdotsub it works. See theattached
>for a self contained example. So as a work-around you could replace
>wrapper with this one (cblas_f77.h should then also be updated)

You are on the right track here.  But in fact the problem is in the code, not
the compiler.  The reference cblas author copied the dsdotsub.f file to
sdsdotsub.f as a starting point for editing, but didn't complete the edits
properly.  He left the calling argument signature unchanged, whereas it
requires an extra scalar parameter.  It's surprising to find an actual coding
error in code from netlib, but there it is.

I am requesting a new upload shortly.  Have a great weekend.

Jim Phillips

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