gsl, lapack and blas on cygwin

James R. Phillips
Wed Jul 13 19:27:00 GMT 2005

--- Teun Burgers  wrote:

> James R. Phillips wrote:
> > see if you can build gsl with linker flag "-lblas" to pick up the cblas
> > routines.
> I did. The build succeeds. Unfortunately I get crashes in
> cblas tests for sdsdot from gsl. I have built a debug version of your 
> lapack blas from the source version. It goes wrong in the call from 
> cblas_sdsdot.c to sdsdotsub.f. The values in sdsdotsub are bogus.
> So that has been narrowed down quite a bit, but I still can't find
> the cause. It needs more work and I will keep you posted.

OK, I worried about that routine.  There are a couple routines (this is one of
them) that don't seem to be compiling correctly - they are placing more than
one entry address into the object code.  I brute-forced the link by making the
linker accept for the dll the first entry point in the static library.  I'll
look at the situation more closely tonight when I get home.

This issue should actually not prevent you from building/using the optimized
atlas libs, which I believe have a much better tested multi-platform build
setup.  It would be worthwhile testing this, even before I get the reference
libs fixed.

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