gsl, lapack and blas on cygwin

James R. Phillips
Wed Jul 13 06:49:00 GMT 2005


--- "a.rburgers"  wrote:

>fc2 -p generates prototypes that use void func(complex *retval, args).That
>might be an argument
>to omit -fno-f2c when building lapack. What was your reason for using-fno-f2c?
>I always compile without the -fno-f2c.
The "-fno-f2c" g77 flag is part of the linux platform makefile for lapack,
which is recommended for use when building lapack on cygwin.

>>I will let you know when it is available; and will cross-post to cygwin-apps
>>atthat time.  It might be several weeks, as I am soon to go on holiday.

New binary and source lapack versions are now available at my ftp site (see
previous posts) for url).  These include the cblas interface functions in the
blas library, and also incorporate the several fortran blas routines which
lapack doesn't supply into the blas library.

Please try installing these via "tar -C / -xjf lapack-3.0-2.tar.bz2", and then
see if you can build gsl with linker flag "-lblas" to pick up the cblas
routines.  You may then build and install atlas optimized libraries from
source, and see if the gsl build still works properly.  This would make gsl
depend on lapack, so you need to think about whether you want to do that,
particularly since the lapack binary package is about 2 Mb.

>>The newbuild will also incorporate the --enable-auto-image-base flag to the
>>linker,which may reduce the chance that the dll will have to be relocated
when >>it isloaded (big discussion on cygwin-apps related to this).  

I haven't done this yet.

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