[UPLOAD] base-file 3.5-1

John Morrison john@morrison.mine.nu
Sun Jul 10 11:09:00 GMT 2005

Change Log
    * Changed setup.hint from ash to bash
    * Toned down the warning about customisation - Rex Eastbourne
      Andrew Schulman, Igor Pechtchanski
    * Changed ${MANPATH}.  Changed order and removed autotool -
      Igor Pechtchanski, Brian Dessent
    * Changed ${INFOPATH}.  Changed order and removed autotool.
    * Fixed some mistakes in .inputrc and added some more
      examples - Igor Pechtchanski

md5sum: b92f2d18e1d5d15b817d8e333ff674f8

Incase they're wanted...

(note that setup.hint changed ash -> bash)



PS, base-passwds setup.hint also changed ash -> bash, should I post a new

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