octave setup.hint file screwed up

James R. Phillips antiskid56-cygwin@yahoo.com
Thu Jul 7 17:02:00 GMT 2005

--- Christopher Faylor  wrote:

> ----- Forwarded message from Cron Daemon -----
> upset: *** warning package octave-headers requires non-existent package g++
> upset: *** warning package octave-headers requires non-existent package g77
> ----- End forwarded message -----
> I have removed gcc, g++, and g77 from the requires line for
> octave-header's setup.hint.  I haven't been closing following any of
> the discussions about octave but it seems unlikely to me that a header
> file would rely on gcc.  Isn't more likely to be that gcc would rely
> on a header file?

The file submitted was as suggested by upstream, and has been waiting for some
time on comments/evaluation.  I should have done a closer review myself and
noticed that the proposed dependencies don't have the right names for cygwin. 
Sorry about that.

This is a development package, designed to build compiled octave functions
(*.oct).  It cannot function properly without at least a C++ compiler.  It
includes mkoctfile, which is a command-line compiler helper designed to assist
in the preparation of .oct files.

I would suggest including gcc-g++ as a dependency, as this is the minimum
required to do anything useful with the package. I suppose gcc-g77 is optional,
and could be dropped.

If it isn't a show-stopper, I would prefer not to update the setup.hints file
in the source package until a new release of octave, or until we find an issue
that would require changing the binary package.


Jim Phillips

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