Trial Packages Available for Cygwin: octave-forge-2005.05.06-1

James R. Phillips
Thu Jul 7 15:32:00 GMT 2005

A trial Cygwin packaging of octave-forge-2005.05.06 is available at

The octave-forge project, at

contains over 500 contributed functions for GNU Octave which are not in the
main distribution.  This Cygwin package also incorporates the octave m-files
from the octave-ci collection.

octave-forge-2005.05.05-1 requires the recently announced Cygwin
octave-2.1.71-1 package, so you will want to wait until you can install that
from a Cygwin mirror via setup.exe.

Files available:


To install without benefit of setup.exe, use

tar -C / -xjf octave-forge-2005.05.06-1.tar.bz2

Not all files from octave-forge are included in the package; in particular
those labeled non-free were not compiled.  Comments on whether more of the
octave-forge files could be usefully included are requested.

Please use an ftp client that does not invoke the PASV command, as my ftp
server currently can't support it.  Command line ftp and i.e. work well.


Jim Phillips

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