Files created in postinstall (Was Re: Upload: bash-3.0-4 [test])

Eric Blake
Wed Jul 6 03:23:00 GMT 2005

> Speaking of files/symlinks created in postinstall scripts -- perhaps we
> should come up with some unified mechanism for listing them.  Some
> postinstall scripts use /etc/preremove/<PKGNAME>-manifest.lst.
> The reason it may be useful to have a common mechanism is that "cygcheck
> -c" could then use the manifest files in addition to the package listing
> to check whether the package is complete.  That would have caught, for
> example, the man.conf problem reported recently on the main list.

Sounds good to me.  The upcoming bash-3.0-5 now includes
/etc/preremove/bash-manifest.lst, and attached is a patch to g-b-s
to make it easier to build one (just add CYGWIN-PATCHES/manifest.lst).
I guess I should also update - where is that
stored in CVS?

2005-07-05  Eric Blake  <>

	* templates/generic-build-script (options): Add almostall,
	help, version.
	(help, version): New functions.
	(install): Support manifest lists.

Eric Blake

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