Trial Cygwin packages available for octave-2.1.71

Teun Burgers
Tue Jul 5 19:40:00 GMT 2005

James R. Phillips wrote:

> Trial Cygwin packages are now available for octave-2.1.71.  These packages are
> dependent on the lapack-3.0 package now awaiting upload.

Looks good. A very nice contribution to the cygwin packages.
octave starts and seems to work, though I can't judge
that very well since I never used octave so far.

I overrode the PATH in my .bash_login, so the /usr/lib/lapack
was not in the PATH, leading to cygblas.dll and cyglapack.dll  not
being found. Maybe an idea to put a remark on the importance
of /usr/lib/lapack being in the PATH in octave-2.1.71.README.

The cygwin specific documentation dwells in /usr/doc/Cygwin
and /usr/doc/octave-2.71. I guess this should be /usr/share/doc.


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