ITP: octave-2.1.71

Gerrit P. Haase
Mon Jul 4 22:36:00 GMT 2005

James R. Phillips wrote:
> OK, now that I have what looks like a working package with gcc 3.3.3, I
> compiled with gcc 3.4.4.  It segfaults and dumps core at startup.  Um, it is
> linked with unrecompiled lapack dll's (they were also compiled with gcc 3.3.3).
>  But that per se shouldn't be an issue, I don't think.
> So, how can I help you?  Use gdb in some fashion?  The binary is, of course,
> stripped.

We need to know what is the problem, so building with debugging turned
on is needed.  Also try different grades of optimization, what do you
use now, e.g. -O3?  Does it work with -O2 then, and so on.  There are
several bugs in the optimizer, i.e. the unit-at-a-time stuff is breaking
a lot of code, however this is not a bug, this is by design;)
If it is a problem with the optimizer we will figure out which flag
breaks the binary and report a bug.


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