ITP: octave-2.1.71

James R. Phillips
Mon Jul 4 21:42:00 GMT 2005

--- "Gerrit P. Haase"  wrote:

> James R. Phillips wrote:
> > I will admit that I haven't compiled a working octave package with cygwin
> gcc
> > 3.4.4-1.  I think there may be a bag of issues there as well.  I reverted
> back
> > to gcc 3.3.3 to compile octave 2.1.71.
> Please send your observations about problems with (Cygwin) gcc-3.4.4.

OK, now that I have what looks like a working package with gcc 3.3.3, I
compiled with gcc 3.4.4.  It segfaults and dumps core at startup.  Um, it is
linked with unrecompiled lapack dll's (they were also compiled with gcc 3.3.3).
 But that per se shouldn't be an issue, I don't think.

So, how can I help you?  Use gdb in some fashion?  The binary is, of course,

Jim Phillips

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