Trial Cygwin packages available for octave-2.1.71

James R. Phillips
Sun Jul 3 22:56:00 GMT 2005

Cygwin/Octave maintainers,

Trial Cygwin packages are now available for octave-2.1.71.  These packages are
dependent on the lapack-3.0 package now awaiting upload.

Available at :


Please avoid ftp clients that use the PASV command, as my ftp server currently
won't handle this command properly through my NAT router.  Command line ftp and
i.e. work properly.

Also at are the lapack 3.0 packages
which will be needed for the octave evaluation.  Core cygwin maintainers:
please notify me if there are any open issues that need to be resolved for
lapack 3.0 before the packages can be uploaded.

The packaging method for cygwin is "method 2".  Special thanks to John Eaton
for helping with the adaptation of the cygwin generic build script for octave,
and, of course, for writing octave.

Happy Independence Day USA,

Jim Phillips

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