removal script ordering [attn: lilypond maintainer]

Eric Blake
Sun Jul 3 04:37:00 GMT 2005

Does setup.exe honor postremove scripts, or should
/etc/postremove/ be changed to a preremove
script?  In particular, since this lone entry in the postremove directory
refers to /bin/sh, regtool, touch, and find, it has dependencies on
several other packages, any of which may have been uninstalled at
the same time.  I'm asking because I plan to make a preremove script
for bash that would get rid of /bin/sh.  This action would add the bash
package to the list of packages which cannot be uninstalled at the
same time as lilypond, if the lilypond postremove script is to stand a
chance of working at all.  Do postremove scripts even make sense?
The g-b-s only covers preremove scripts.

Eric Blake

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