libexecdir=/usr/sbin ?

James R. Phillips
Sat Jul 2 17:03:00 GMT 2005

--- "Gerrit P. Haase"  wrote:

I think this reply suffices for Igor as well.  Thanks to both.

> (1) /usr/lib/package, yes.  Or maybe /usr/share/package.

It is understood that the files need to install under /usr/lib/package.  What
to set libexecdir to to achieve that - perhaps varies per package?  For octave,
the files install in ${libexecdir}/octave, so putting libexecdir=/usr/lib does
what I want.  I suspect most autoconfiscated packages work this way.

> (2) SHTDI

I see.  Well, I guess further investigation into autoconf would have to be
conducted before concluding that libexecdir=/usr/lib is always acceptable,
i.e., would never install files directly into /usr/lib, but always into

OTOH, if /usr/lib would be bad, /usr/sbin would be worse.  So as a default, it
does seem superior in all situations.  Actually, in g-b-s,
libexecdir='${sbindir}', which I suppose allows configure to discover that
sbindir is /usr/sbin.  A better default for g-b-s would probably be
${prefix}/lib, same as libdir.

> (3) I use it for GCC since I'm maintainer and it was /usr/lib/gcc before
>      I was maintainer.  In recent versions GCC switched to use two
>      direcories, /usr/lib/gcc for runtime libraries, /usr/share/gcc for
>      executables.
> Dunno who wrote the docs... wonder why autoconf has this wrong.

Seems that the docs [sh|c]ould acknowledge some flexibility in this area, but
also provide a more sane default (as above).

Jim Phillips

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