Upload: bash-3.0-3 [test]

Igor Pechtchanski pechtcha@cs.nyu.edu
Sat Jul 2 16:05:00 GMT 2005

On Sat, 2 Jul 2005, Eric Blake wrote:

> YEAH! I've solved the heap corruption in bash-3.0-2, and libreadline6 was
> patched so I can link to it, so the bash executable has shrunk.  This
> release also adds a postinstall script that hard links (or copies on
> Win98) bash as /bin/sh IF IT DOESN'T ALREADY EXIST.  I've left this
> release in test to make sure that the postinstall script behaves nicely,
> and would like feedback from users' experience both with the current ash
> installed, or with uninstalling ash at the same time as (re-)installing
> bash.  ash has no --version, but bash does, so testing '/bin/sh --version'
> after running setup.exe should give you a good idea of what your current
> default shell is.

This is supposing /bin/sh can only be "ash" or "bash".  There may be
another /bin/sh implementation (e.g., zsh) that does support the --version

> I will probably have to change the postinstall script in future bash
> releases, since I just realized that otherwise on Win98, /bin/sh would
> not be upgraded when /bin/bash is.  But I don't think it is a
> show-stopper for this version of bash.

Actually, setup will unlink /bin/bash and then install a new /bin/bash
over it.  Thus, /bin/sh won't be upgraded even on filesystems that support
hard links.  So *it* is a showstopper of sorts...

I'd suggest doing a binary compare on /bin/sh and /bin/bash in a preremove
script, and deleting /bin/sh if they are the same (as is done with config
files).  This will work on both Win9x and NT-based systems.

> So, once I get some positive feedback, and once a new version of ash is
> ready that changes ash from /bin/sh to /bin/ash, we can probably make
> this version of bash current.

FWIW, there was talk about a "configure-shell" script that sets the shell
at the user's request.  Given the recent discussion of the alternatives
package (and Buzz's executable wrappers instead of symlinks) this sounds
like an interesting thing to try.
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