ITP: octave-2.1.71

James R. Phillips
Fri Jul 1 16:00:00 GMT 2005

--- Christopher Faylor  wrote:

> >--- "John W. Eaton" <> wrote:
> >
> >>
> >>Having Octave compile and run cleanly with mingw is a separate issue,
> >>and doesn't really solve the problem for Cgywin users.
> Actually, it isn't a separate issue at all.  DW2 exception handling is
> an issue common to both mingw and cygwin.  It seems likely that any
> solution which addressed the problem on mingw would also work for cygwin.
> cgf

I think what John meant to say is, running under mingw is a separate _bag_ of
issues.  Within this bag, among the issues, is this one issue we are discussing
(DW2 exception handling), which may in fact be a common issue.  David Bateman
on the octave maintainers list is working on all the issues in the mingw bag. 
If he solves this for one, perhaps it'll be solved for both.

As a cygwin packager, I can't do much do address this, other than bring the
maintainers into the discussion.  I have been using octave compiled for cygwin 
(local package) steadily for a year, and anecdotally, the performance issues
haven't kept me from getting real work done.

I will admit that I haven't compiled a working octave package with cygwin gcc
3.4.4-1.  I think there may be a bag of issues there as well.  I reverted back
to gcc 3.3.3 to compile octave 2.1.71.

This fact (must use gcc 3.3.3) might have to be noted as a build-depends in the

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