[Pre-ITP] httpd-2.0.53-0.3

Stipe Tolj st@tolj.org
Fri Feb 25 02:37:00 GMT 2005

Max Bowsher wrote:
> Oops.
> I forgot to document:
> Apache2 requires cygserver.
> Make sure cygserver is running, and that your CYGWIN envvar contains 
> "server".

confirming, it runs.

> Apache has standardized on .so - even for their native Win32 build.
> In any case, it really doesn't matter - you can dlopen() whatever you want.
> Plus *not* naming something .dll seems to be the only way to stop 
> libtool trying to install it in a ../bin/ directory relative to where 
> you actually tell it to install.

ok, fine with me, as you dlopen() it.

This should make a similar approach possible to php I guess.


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