corrupted files: docbook, lintntl1

Christopher Faylor
Mon Feb 7 18:48:00 GMT 2005

Could the package maintainers for the packages in the subject provide a
URL where I can fix this problem?  Apparently I wasn't paying attention
when I downloaded docbook-xsl and only part of the src file was

----- Forwarded message from Keith Moore -----

docbook-xsl/docbook-xsl-1.67.2-1-src.tar.bz2 and 
gettext/libintl1/libintl1-0.10.40-1-src.tar.bz2 appear to be corrupt on 
some of the distribution servers.

I've checked three separate mirrors:,, and

docbook-xsl is corrupted on all three mirrors.

libintl1 appears to be corrupted on only ( 
and look OK).

----- End forwarded message -----

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