Contemplating ITP-ing apache 2. Wondering about layout.

Gerrit P. Haase
Sun Feb 6 19:03:00 GMT 2005

Max Bowsher wrote:

> I'm contemplating ITP-ing apache 2.
> It seems that practically every distribution has it's own favourite way 
> to lay out directories of apache. Does anyone have any thoughts on how 
> to deal with this?

#   Cygwin 1.x layout
<Layout Cygwin>
     exec_prefix:   ${prefix}/usr
     bindir:        ${exec_prefix}/bin
     libdir:        ${exec_prefix}/lib
     libexecdir:    ${exec_prefix}/lib/apache2/modules
     includedir:    ${exec_prefix}/include/apache2
     sbindir:       ${exec_prefix}/sbin
     sysconfdir:    ${prefix}/etc/apache2
     installbuilddir: ${prefix}/share/apr-build
     mandir:        ${exec_prefix}/share/man
     infodir:       ${exec_prefix}/share/info
     localstatedir: ${prefix}/var
     proxycachedir: ${localstatedir}/cache/apache2/proxy
     runtimedir:    ${localstatedir}/run
     logfiledir:    ${localstatedir}/log/apache2
     datadir:       ${prefix}/var/www
     cgidir:        ${datadir}/cgi-bin
     errordir:      ${datadir}/error
     htdocsdir:     ${datadir}/default-site/htdocs
     iconsdir:      ${datadir}/icons
     manualdir:     ${htdocsdir}/manual


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