lilypond 2.2.0-1 available

Bertalan Fodor
Wed Apr 21 12:02:00 GMT 2004

> Because of an oversight of our Cygwin maintainer, there actually were
> no image links included in lilypond-doc-2.2.0-1, and that's probably
> why Chris demanded these files to be moved again.
Well, that's true. I was very afraid of this new feature, and was sure it
will cause problems. But it was more important to have the new version built
than to have this feature.

And there is an other problem: cygwin still has only texinfo 4.2, while 4.7
is available. I used 4.6 to build the package, but its texi2dvi script is
broken (so I used 4.2 texi2dvi). What version of texinfo is needed to build

Anyway, why is it so important to not have a lilypond directory in
/usr/share/info if it works? 

I will address the issue of not having image links but not in the following
two weeks.


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