lilypond 2.2.0-1 available

Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Wed Apr 21 08:03:00 GMT 2004

Christopher Faylor writes:

> image/image links? In /usr/share/info?

No images?  You found a packaging bug, I guess.

    $ dpkg -L lilypond-doc | grep info.*png

    $ dpkg -L lilypond-doc | grep info.*png | wc -l

> Please fix lilypond so that it installs info files direcly into
> /usr/share/info, ASAP.

Just to make this perfectly clear, you do want all the (currently
missing) image links in /usr/share/info?

> You might also want to run mkgroup on the system that produces
> your tar file.

Bertalan, can you please address these issues?


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