Subversion-1.0.1-1 test package ready

AJ Reins
Mon Apr 12 01:17:00 GMT 2004

--- Dave Slusher <edited to cut down on spam> wrote:
> Quoting Max Bowsher <here also>:
> > Subversion is not a dropin replacement for cvs. More of an evolutionary
> > replacement, really.
> I got all that text from some Subversion docs or web pages that may well have
> changed since I collected it last fall. I can change it to whatever. What text
> do you want changed and to what?
> > The list of installed files in the README is somewhat incomplete.
> Is this supposed to be a complete manifest of every file or just the high
> points? Tell me what files you think should be there that aren't and I'll add them.
> > It is unusual to place the cygwin build script within the package source
> > tree itself.
> The subversion source tree already has scripts and Makefile for building a
> number of different distributions, RPMs and the like. This seems completely
> analogous to me. 
> d
> -------------------------------------------------
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After downloading both files, and detarring the binary package, I have a few nits
to pick:

1) no Cygwin specific README (that is usually placed in /usr/share/doc/cygwin)
   The directory is there, but is empty.
2) An empty /usr/share/info directory.
3) Does the end-user need (or even want) the include and lib files? Ditto for the
   man3 files.

On a bright note, the package appears to follow the FHS standard in the use of 
/usr/share, etc.

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