Cygwin 1.1.8 Python 2.1a2 Builds OOTB

Jason Tishler
Tue Feb 20 07:58:00 GMT 2001

On Mon, Feb 05, 2001 at 12:44:09PM -0500, Jason Tishler wrote:
> Python 2.1a2 builds OOTB under Cygwin 1.1.8 or later.

There is one nit that I just noticed -- make install will fail during
the $(srcdir)/Lib/$(PLATDIR) target.  The simple workaround is to execute
make install as follows:

    make EXE=.exe install

I will submit a patch to Python to correct the above problem which can be
traced to the Makefile is now using EXEEXT while the regen shell script
is still using EXE.  But, this could also be classified as an ash "issue"
so see my next post, if interested.

> Note that the "--with-check-import-case" option is no longer needed for
> Cygwin.  In fact, a different case-sensitive import patch was accepted
> into Python CVS.  It was really for MacOSX, but it works for Cygwin too.
> See the following, if interested:
> Unfortunately, this patch may be removed from Python CVS.  I'm currently
> in the process of facilitating its (or a modified version's) retention.
> Any support from the Cygwin community would be appreciated.  The right
> place to post is but it is a by-approval only list.
> So the only avenues are at the above URL or

It appears that after some contemplation, the MacOSX case patch will
remain in Python CVS.  Hence, the case sensitive import problem has
been permanently resolved for all platforms with case-insensitive but
case-preserving filesystems including Cygwin.


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