[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: libpng-1.0.9-3

Dr. Volker Zell Dr.Volker.Zell@oracle.com
Tue Feb 6 03:33:00 GMT 2001

>>>>> "Charles" == Charles Wilson <cwilson@ece.gatech.edu> writes:

    Charles> "Dr. Volker Zell" wrote:
    >> In case anybody has build the following packages with libpng-1.0.8, I
    >> found that the new
    >> version breaks also the following executables (because of missing 
    >> png_init_io entry point):
    Charles> [embarrassingly long list of broken programs snipped]

    >> But recompilation fiexes everything.

    Charles> ^&@(!)#$&!@#%!@#$ 

    Charles> All I can say is, XEmacs still worked.  Compiled with the old lib, used

For me too ..

    Charles> with the new lib.  I guess XEmacs is not such a great test case, after
    Charles> all.

Maybe not for libpng, but still for other cases as Chris might know.

    Charles> !@#%*@(#)!~

    Charles> I'm really, *really* sorry about this. Unfortunately, there's very little
    Charles> I can do about it.  I considered the following:

    Charles>   (1) beat the png-developers into submission so that they change the .def
    Charles> file to match the (semi-random) export table result cygwin's gcc generated
    Charles> for the unspecified exports back in 1.0.8-3.  However, that won't match
    Charles> the (semi-random) export table generated back in 1.0.8-3 by msvc for the
    Charles> unspecified exports in the native build dll.  I give you three guesses
    Charles> which one they did match, have matched, and will match -- and the first
    Charles> two guesses don't count.  Nothing against png-develop, but msvc/native is
    Charles> a much bigger market than cygwin.

    Charles>   (2) change the dll name, so that the old dll stays "cygpng2.dll" and the
    Charles> new dll is "cygpng3.dll."  Well, yeah --- possible --- but we just
    Charles> finished a huge flamefest on the png list about dll naming synchonization
    Charles> between msvc/native "libpngX.dll" and cygwin "cygpngX.dll".  I really
    Charles> don't want to upset the apple cart on that issue now.

    Charles>   (3) go home and hide.  I gave this one serious consideration.

Give it a try :-)

    Charles> --Chuck



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