newbie question (fwd)

Naveen Balam
Tue Oct 31 20:47:00 GMT 2000


	I am new to cygwin tools. I have written a shell sort of
interface using tcl/tk and extending it through the tcl/tk libraries in 
"c" language. This app has a text widget and some menus. On linux machine
the code compiles and works fine. On windows 98 using the following tools
i get the below problem.

cygwin tools used:

1. gcc
2. libtcl80.a
3. libtk80.a
4. libm.a

If i compile with the -mwindows option i get a warning message

"Cannot find entry symbol _winMainCRTStartup" and no GUI appears. I have
to use task manager to kill the application.

If i compile without the -mwindows option i get a executable. If i run the
executable the shell appears. But i am not able to type in anything in the
text widget of the shell nor am i able to select the menu items.

I have placed cygtcl80.dll , cygtk80.dll and cygwin1.dll in the place
where the executable is created.

I would be very thankful if any of you tell me the reason and possible


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