official sendmail port?

Charles Wilson
Mon Oct 30 01:00:00 GMT 2000

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> BTW: Shouldn't Charles perl port become a `contrib' or `latest' package,
> eventually?

No.  Someone else is currently working on cygwin-perl; hopefully
whenever perl5-porters gets around to releasing 5.6.1, that individual
will make a 5.6.1 build available on sourceware.   

> It's needed for compiling OpenSSH for example. Or, in other
> words, are there systems out there who can live without perl???

Very few, probably.  However, the perl-5.6.0 at cygutils seems to be in
a precarious state right now.  Since it no longer builds cleanly on
newer cygwin kernels, the 5.6.0 on cygwin is only usable as a pre-built
binary.  Also, folks seem to be having difficulty using that pre-built
binary to build CPAN add-ons (although I haven't had a problem...)

It's gonna take some work to get perl into a 'sourceware'-ready state --
and I don't have the time to do it right now.


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