official sendmail port?

Norman Vine
Sun Oct 29 20:21:00 GMT 2000

Christopher Faylor writes:
>Are you providing binaries for any of those?  If so, would you
>consider making them available on the site?

I could provide binaries if that is wanted.
But they do build OTTB i.e.

automake -a

And All have specific Cygwin Instructions
except for Python and that will change REAL SOON :-)

We haven't been providing Cygwin binaries due to the 
ease of compilation and the requirement of also providing 
the Cygwin DLL Source.



>I think we really need to have category selection in setup.exe.
>DJ's time will probably be a lot less available for doing this
>type of thing for the foreseeable future, though.
>Anyone interested in adding this?
>On Sun, Oct 29, 2000 at 10:36:16PM -0500, Norman Vine wrote:
>>Christopher Faylor writes:
>>>In fact, let me make this more generic.  Is anyone interested 
>>>in being a maintainer for any package whatsoever?
>>I am currently the Cygwin goto for Python
>>Jason Tishler and I are working on getting Python
>>and Cygwin 100% compatible.  Hopefully our changes 
>>will make it back into the official Python Tree and we will
>>not need a maintainer as such as it will build OTTB, but 
>>if not I will maintain Python if Jason does not want to.
>>Other projects I 'unofficially' maintain  
>>buildable OTTB Cygwin ports for are
>>a crossplatform LGPL Game Library based on OpenGl
>>a crossplatform GPL FlightSimulator
>>and the related LGPL projects it builds on
>>Open Source Software Image Map) project. LGPL & GPL
>>the OSSIM project leverages existing open source algorithms, 
>>tools, and packages to construct an integrated tool for 
>remote sensing, 
>>image-processing, and Geographical Information Sciences (GIS) analysis
>>Norman Vine
>                        Red Hat, Inc.

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